Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Pi’ilani Hawaiian Civic Club of Colorado

Ua Hilo ʻIa I Ke Aha A Ke Aloha |  Braided With Cords of Love


Esmond Ah Leong


P. O. Box 621895, Littleton, CO  80162

Pelekikena Iho Nei:

Philip J. Kahaunaele Swain

Date Organized:

August 13, 1998


George Beppu

Date Chartered by AHCC:

November 18, 1998

Kakau Mo‘olelo:

Krista Dunn

Club Pua:


Na Alakai:

Jacques Delguere, Ross Tilton and Mike Morgan

Club Colors:

Gold, Russett Brown and Forest Green

Information submitted by:

Esmond Ah Leong

Club Mele:

He Hawai'i Au


HCC Email:

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HCC Website:

2018 Club Report


Aloha my fellow members of the Hawaiian civic clubs, we at Piʻilani Hawaiian Civic Club of Colorado had a great year regarding fund raising for this year. Our luau was a huge success. As was our first golf tournament. Though the turnout was small in number (20). But we raised money and the hoʻolaulea was fantastic this year. We had the honor and privilege of having uncle George Kahumoku Jr with us this year and the crowd was a constant flow all day and we are looking forward for next year. We were also able to hold 3 dates at The Shack in Littleton hosting 3 kanikapilas , so as a whole we had a fantastic year, and we are already planning for next year.