Association of
Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Kuini Piʻolani Hawaiian Civic Club

Kūlia i ka Nuʻu  |  Strive For The Summit


Naomi Kealoha Ballesterosa


P.O. Box 89511
Honolulu, HI 96830

Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi:

Julian Ako

Organized | Chartered:

October 7, 2006   |   October 24, 2006

Hope Pelekikena ‘Elua:

Dr. Claire Hughes

Club Pua:

White Rose

Pelekikena Iho Nei:

Dr. Keith Kalani Akana

Club Colors:

Peacock Blue


Randy Rivera

Club Mele:

E Kuini e Kapiʻolani

Kakau ‘Olelo

Kahulu DeSantos

HCC Email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ho'opa'a Mo'olelo: Hailama Farden  


Ekela Kanīʻaipiʻo Crozier

Nā Alakaʻi:

Kalani Akana, Naomi Kainoa Rivera, Elena Farden

Information submitted by:

Kealoha Ballesteros


2018 Club Report


This past March 2018 a new slate of Officers was elected to Kuini Piolani Hawaiian Civic Club. Our club meets regularly every quarter and meetings are conducted in Hawaiian.


On the 31st day of December, the HCC gather annually with the Royal Societies to commemorate the birthdays of our namesake, Queen Julia Nāpelakapuokākaʻe Kapiolani and Princess Wahīikaʻahuʻula Kawānanakoa at Nuʻuanu Maunaʻala Chapel. We also gather at all Aliʻi Sundays at Kawaiahaʻo church.


We were honored to to attend the dedication of the King Kamehameha III statue of which we helped to select the state for Thomas Square.


Our Education committee is currently planning an Scholarship fundraiser event for February 2019. Dr. Kalani Akana chairperson.


This year September 3, 2018, the Maui Council held its 1st convention on the island of Maui at the UH Maui community college. At this convention 17 resolutions were approved, 2 tabled and 2additional health resolutions were added and currently being submitted to the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.


On September 9, 2018 at the JCC Manoa Banquet Ballroom, Manaleo Earl Kawaʻa was nominated by Aha Hipuʻu to received the Kalani Aliʻi Award recognized as our priceless cultural treasure of Hawaiʻi.


Condolences of grief for our 2 deceased Manaleo members Rev. Hannah Eleanor Hanakaula Piohi‘a Mckeague and Retired Brakeman & Conductor of the Consolidated Railway Roy Clarence Wilson.