Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

South Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club

61-4003 Kailapa St, Kamuela HI 96743
 Date Organized: January 1995
Date Chartered by AHCC: November 1995
Pua: Pikake & A’ali’i
Waiho‘olu‘u: Red & White
Mele: Na Kuahiwi ‘Elima
Po‘e ‘Ōlelo: O ka pono ke hana ‘ia a iho mai na lani
Po‘e Ha‘ole: Continue to do good until the Heaves come down to you

Pelekikena: Kaena Peterson
Hope Pelekikena `Ekahi: Lei Kihoi
 Club Contact:
Cell Phone: 518-232-0848
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
South Kohala Hawaiian Civic Club 2013


Objectives unite members, to be active in civic, economic, social, health and moral welfare of our community. Commitment to the sensitivity of the traditional cultural values and assets of the Hawaiian people.

To preserve records of ancient traditions, historic sites of Hawaii Nei, protect the endemic and indigenous Flora and fauna of the aina.

To assist in furthering the education those of Hawaiian Ancestry.

1] The past three years, one of our projects was the opposition of the fish farms on the South Kohala  Coast.

2] Kawaihae   Road- Waika Bridge Replacement and Realignment of Approaches.
Ahupuaa of Lalamilo, Keoniki, Kauniho, and Waiaka 1 South Kohala

3] Research of Ancient Historical sites in Waikoloa, Puako, Lalamilo, Kawaihae, and South Kohala.  To collect, music, sacred sites, legends.

4] Awarded  Hawaii Maoli grant for  Fundraiser  , “Celebrate South Kohala Coast” At the Blue Dragon  June 26 ,2013 , Scholarship   Fund for native Hawaiians,  and AHCC Convention Kauai 2013 .

5] Fundraiser: Nov 26, 2013, Christmas Swag sale for Scholarship Fund.
Membership drive, a goal to have fifty members at the end oF 2013.




Purpose: To promote and perpetuate traditional Native Hawaiian values and dignity. Values: Aloha: compassion and acceptance. Kahuna Lapa”au: Medicine/Healing Health Ohana : Family Ho’oponopono: To make things right. Mālama: To care for and of Ahupua’a: South Kohala Hula Halau: Dance/Chant /Kumu Kuleana: Take responsibility.

Objectives of Organization: Unite our members in the bonds of friendship, good fellowship, mutual understanding.

Promote principals of good government, good citizenship as Hawaiians. Active interest in civic, economic, social, health, moral welfare of our community, particularly the activities of those agencies and organizations who are responsible for the improvement of conditions of the people of Hawaiian ancestry, and to support programs of benefit to them and the community at large. Commitment to and sensitivity for the traditional-cultural values and assets of the Hawaiian people and our Culture. To preserve, cherish, record ancient traditions, na oli a me na mele, traditional historic sites, of Hawaii nei, to protect endemic and indigenous flora and fauna of this land. Encourage teaching, learning the use of ‘Ōlelo makuakane [our mother tongue] the Hawaiian Language. To actively encourage, assist in futhering education, those of Hawaiian ancestry. To advance greater sensitivity from educational institutions for the special needs and values of Hawaiian students Ihi: Respect, Kokua: Help without asking why, how, when, how long or how much.