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Kaua`i Council Report 2014 - 3rd Qtr

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Moku o Manokalanipo - Kaua'i Council Report 2013
by Sarah K. Peters

Greetings from “Moku O Manokalanipo”

Welcome to our Beautiful Island of Kaua‘i. Congratulations to the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs on its 54th Annual Convention. May it be a great success!

The Clubs of our Council, Hanalei, Kaumuali’i and Queen Deborah Kapule have participated throughout the year in various cultural events such as, the Prince Kuhio Celebration, Kamehameha Day parade, Mokihana Festival, King Kaumuali’i Celebration, Aloha Week Festivities, Eucharist Service for King Kamehameha IV and our beloved Queen Emma, to name a few. As you review each clubs bio, there you will find a list of their participation in activities and programs throughout the year. We are moving forward towards growing and expanding our council with a new club or clubs of which hopefully will be chartered at this convention. We’ve kept busy assisting with the planning of pre and post-convention activities and events that we hope you will all enjoy. A Big Mahalo to everyone who assisted us in co-hosting this convention especially to Soulee, Annelle and Aunty Lorna for all the guidance, advice and patience. Enjoy our Island and the beautiful, Kaua’i Marriott Resort.

This ends the Kaua’i Council Report for 2013

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah K. Peters
Pelekikena, AHCC Kaua‘i Council