Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

ʽAhahui Kīwila Hawaiʽi O Moʽikeha

PO Box 1383
Kilauea, HI 96754
Date Organized: September 16, 2013
Date Chartered: November 14, 2013
Pua: Poni Pua Kalaunu & Lauaʻe O Makana
Waihoʻoluʻu: Omaʻomaʻo
Mele: Nani Waiʻaleʻale
Mākia: Keʻike mai, aʻo akula no ia, ke loaʻa, haʻawi aku.
(When you learn, teach, when you get, give) ~ Maya Angelou
Club Officers:
 Pelekikena: Wini Smith
 Hope Pelekikena: Naomi Yokotake
Puʻukū: Alicia Leong
Kākau ʻŌlelo: Julie Kanealiʻi
Na Alakaʻi: Val Yokotake, Shelby Yokotake
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Aloha mai kakou,

Mahalo to the Hawaiʽi Council for all of your work in hosting the 55th annual convention!

Receiving our charter at the 54th annual convention on our island of Kauaʽi was a very special and important event for our ʽahahui. We feel blessed to be able to form a new club that welcomes members from around the island. Since our club was chartered we’ve been learning the chant of Moʽikeha – Na Kamahualele no Moʽikeha.

We hit the ground running as the ʽahahui activities began a month after our organization date with a lei selling booth at a hula halau hoʽike, with the net proceeds starting our scholarship fund. 

In January we partnered with Hale Halawai ʽOhana O Hanalei to present the 1st annual Ka Moku O Manokalanipō Paʽani Makahiki at Waiʽoli Beach Park at Hanalei Bay. This was a day of ancient Hawaiian games, ono food and awards.  Next year’s Makahiki will be held at Kapaʽa Beach Park and will travel to the South Shore and Westside in the following years completing the circle around the island.

During the month of March we participated in the annual Prince Kūhiō Commemorative Services at his birthplace and cultural preserve in Hoai, Kualu, Koloa hosted by the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, Chapter No. 3 “Kaumualiʽi” and Na Wahine Hui O Kamehameha.  On the birthdate of Prince Kūhiō we presented a musical biography of the Prince at the Kauaʽi Museum. It was such a hit with the malihini, kamaʽaina and staff that we’ve been asked to hana hou next year.

On a Saturday in April we partnered with Hale Halawai ʽOhana O Hanalei to present 2 workshops that were well attended: Kūpuna Technology with Elena Farden and ʽĀina Akamu, and Hawaiian Name Giving with Hailama Farden in Hanalei.

May was a busy month as we partnered once again with Hale Halawai ʽOhana O Hanalei to present the annual May Day by the Bay community event at Waiʽoli Beach Park at Hanalei Bay. This was a day dedicated to “Keeping the Culture Alive” featuring Hawaiian entertainment, hula, ono food, cultural demonstrations, Kauaʽi made products and community displays. We also held a lau lau sale to raise funds to attend this convention.

On June 14 we joined 2 other civic clubs in the annual Kamehameha Day Parade in Lihuʽe with a walking unit and two car entries. 

For ten days in July, members volunteered their services at the Ka ʽAha Hula ʽO Halauaola 4th World Conference on Hula in the Moku of Puna.

Our upcoming projects include power washing at Waiʽoli Huiʽia Church in Hanalei, working with the County to install signage with the proper names at many of our beach parks, and our annual scholarship luʽau next September.