Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

PO Box 2216, Clarksville TN 37042
 Date Organized: May 2008
Date Chartered by AHCC: July 2008
Club Pua: Hibiscus
Club Colors: Orange & Brown
Club Mele: He Hawai’i Au
Club Motto (Hawaiian): I Mau Ho’omua Ka ‘Uhane Aloha A
Kanaka Na ‘Ike A Me Na Hana
Club Motto (English): To perpetuate the Aloha Spirit and the
Hawaiian Culture

Club Officers:
Pelekikena: Marlene Livesay
Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi (VP): Wally Kaaihue
Hope Pelekikena ‘Elua (2ND VP): Tehani Murray
Pu‘uku (Treasurer): Bruce Livesay

Po’e kokua (Staff):
Kakau Mo’olelo (Rec.Sec): Tiffany Wilton
Kakau ‘Olelo (Cor. Sec): Tiffany Wilton

Ho’opa’a Mo’olelo (Historian): Theresa Bilon
: Bruce Livesay
Sergeant-at-Arms: Scott Gehring

Na Alaka’i (Directors)
Denny Colbert & Nahele Livesay
Club Contact:

Marlene Livesay
Phone: 931-572-0804
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Constitution / By-Laws

Hui Hawai'i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club 2013


Hui Hawai`i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club continues its mission to perpetuate the Hawaiian Culture and Aloha Spirit in and around Clarksville, TN. as well as throughout middle Tennessee. Our membership has grown as a result of our involvement within these communities. We are thrilled to meet members of the military at these events who recently transferred from Hawai`i to Fort Campbell in Tennessee and see their reaction when they realize that other Hawaiians are living in the immediate area.

Since last convention, our members have continued to practice hula, mele, and oli each week. We have also continued fundraising events, such as car washes, kalua pig sales, and garage/yard sales. We have even discovered a new avenue to venture out into the community and share our culture – Clarksville’s Downtown Marketplace. We have also participated in Clarksville’s Rivers and Spires Festival for the fifth year and Clarksville/Montgomery County’s Warrior Week – a tribute to our military members and their families.

One of the major highlights of the year has been when Kumu Hula Aunty Sissy Kaio of Hula Halau O Lilinoe agreed to mentor our hula instructor. This will allow traditional hula customs and teachings to be preserved in future generations.

We are very grateful to the Ho`olako Na Kiwila Hawai`i Program for providing grant funds and to our members who have made contributions to make this training possible. Aunty Sissy is planning a visit to Tennessee later in the year to observe and continue our training.

We continue to participate in one of Clarksville’s largest summer events of the year, Riverfest. We look forward to our Downtown Clarksville River & Spires Festival in April of 2014. We will again participate in the City of Clarksville’s Annual Christmas Parade with our, now readily recognizable, smoking volcano!

One of our main goals is to support our military members and families of the Fort Campbell Community. Therefore, we concentrate on activities that are scheduled near the border of Tennessee and Kentucky where our military members reside. Through this effort, we hope to add to our membership with residents from Tennessee, Kentucky, and Fort Campbell where we may continue to spread the Aloha Spirit to new areas.

Our website continues to be one of our main methods of communication. We continue to receive inquiries and invitations from individuals and groups all around Tennessee and as far south as Alabama. Many of the inquiries are from Hawaiians looking for a “Hawaiian Connection” in their new environment.

Hui Hawai`i O Tenesi Hawaiian Civic Club is doing its part to further the vision of Prince Kuhio in preserving and perpetuating the Hawaiian Culture.

Please keep our military members and their `ohana in your thoughts and prayers as they serve in the military and are deployed around the globe.

We congratulate the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs on its 54th annual Convention and give you our fondest Aloha Y’all.