Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

PO Box 50808, Provo UT 84062
 Date Re-organized: October 24, 2005
Date chartered: 1992
Pua: Loke Melemele ‘O Iosepa
Waiho’olu’u: Poni a Ke’oke’o
Makia ‘Olelo Hawai‘i Kupa’a ka nohona Hawai’i
Makia ‘Olelo Pelekania Stand firm in the Hawaiian way

Pelekikena Carol N. Johnson
Hope Pelekikena 'Ekahi Dee Quan
Hope Pelekikena ‘Elua Michael Fischer
Pu’uku Maria Ruiz

Na Alaka'i (Directors):
1. Kekau Arakaki
2. Julian Kau
3. Alexander Johnson
4. Kawai Palmer, Immediate Past Pelekikena
5. Errol Palmer

Club Contact:
Phone – 801/857-0056
Email – nalanijohnson at


Kauwahi Anaina Hawai'i Hawaiian Civic Club 2013

Community Interaction/Services: Awarded educational scholarships; entertained at rehabilitation/longterm care and senior residence facilities, supported the Moana Nui Foundation Scholarship fair.

Activities: Gracious Ladies hula group on-going throughout the year; staffed BYU football and basketball concession booths as fundraising opportunities; in conjunction with the Ho'olako grant award, conducted a six- month ukulele learning course, which involved as many as 20 haumana on some evenings; conducted a four-month kaikamahine hulas class; participated in the annual Iosepa (one of the state's historical sites) Memorial Day weekend event; conducted a ribbon lei-making workshop; conducted a lauhala fan workshop; kept abreast with and participated in community health fairs; club brochure finalized and in circulation.

Affiliations: Regular participants with the Kipuka Hawaiian Cultural Center and all its cultural community activities.

Goals: Continue efforts to increase membership, monthly general membership meetings to always have a na mea experience, and seek out and partner with other Hawaiian and Pacific Islander groups in Utah Valley in accomplishing mutual positive objectives.

By: Carol N. Johnson, Pelekikena