Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Hulu Mamo Hawaiian Civic Club

Pelekikena: Maka`ala Rawlins

Hulu Mamo Hawaiian Civic Club 2013

Aloha mai kakou,

Hulu Mamo Hawaiian Civic Club has spent 2013 further developing a framework for an educational program that focuses on leadership development, life skills, land stewardship and family engagement, with culture being the foundation of the program. Hulu Mamo’s membership is now at the point of refining the program goals and objectives, and trying to move the framework into actual piloting and implementation. Additionally Hulu Mamo has continued to help in promoting and perpetuating Hawaiian culture and history thru coordinating and facilitating the annual La Ho'iho'i Ea: Restoration Day celebration at Thomas Square held on the last weekend in July. This year we celebrated La Ho'iho'i Ea’s 170th anniversary through music, cultural demonstrations and panel discussions that focused on issues directly effecting our Hawaiian communities.

We would like to thank the association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs for providing opportunities to be active and responsive in our communities so that we may better them in ways that make sense to the communities.

Me ka ha'aha'a
Maka'ala Rawlins