Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club

PO Box 664, Kaneohe HI 96744

Date Organized: Aug 10, 1937
Date Chartered by AHCC: April 18, 1959
Club Pua: Puakenikeni
Club Colors: Red & Yellow
Club Mele: Kaneohe Medley-Aloha Kuuhome o Kaneohe & Kaneohe
Club Motto (Hawaiian): Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ‘Aina I Ka Pono
Club Motto (English): The Life of the Land is preserved in Righteousness

Club Officers:
Pelekikena: Alice P. Hewett
Hope Pelekikena `Ekahi: Lealoha Kaluhiwa
Hope Pelekikena `Elua: Aaron Mahi
Pu`uku: Leilani Jones-Tollefsen
Pelekikena Iho Nei: Mahealani Cypher

Po`e Kokua Staff:
Kakau Mo`olelo (Recording Secretary): Nancy Darlantes
Kakau `Olelo (Corresponding Secretary): Teri Loc
Ho`opa`a Mo`olelo (Historian): Shandry Lopes
Kahu: Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett
Mele Alaka`i: Aaron Mahi
Sgt-at-Arms: Jerry Kaluhiwa & Clifford Loo

Na Alaka`i Directors:
Franine Gora, Jill Akana, Harriet Decosta, Aaron Walker, Keoni Fox
Jennifer Nakamura, Shandry Lopes, Jerry Kaluhiwa, Clifford Loo

 Our Vision:
Familes are involved, resilient, healthy and productive
Our children can be children
We protect, respect and learn from our kupuna
We live aloha, malama aina, and value all people
We are a model for the world
Our club is adaptable, flexible, relevant and responsive to contemporary issues.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to Malama our members, their families and the communities in which we live by perpetuating and advocating for the traditions of our ancestors to honor our past, present and future with aloha and respect.
 kphcc with hokulea captain bruce blankenfeld
Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club with Hokule`a Captain Bruce Blankenfeld

Ko'olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club 2013

In Memoriam
Perhaps the most compelling memory of this past year has been the loss of five kupuna members of our club, along with close family members of our president, Alice Hewett. Since the last convention, we have lost members Charles Rose, Clarence and Helen Kelley, Estelle “Aunty Kuaila” Drew, and Edmund Chong, all stalwarts in our civic club and dearly missed. Aunty Alice’s `ohana has celebrated the lives and mourned the loss of one of her sons, and a grandson, during this past year. Our members honor and remember the lives of all of our extended Ko`olaupoko family, and celebrate these wonderful people as `Aumakua for our club.

Ku i ke Kama`aina – Our Distinguished Kama`aina
We were pleased to honor three kupa`aina from the Ko`olaupoko HCC area this year as Distinguished Kama`aina: noted kumu hula and composer Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, former state school superintendent Charles Toguchi, and Mike McCartney of the Hawai`i Tourism Authority. Kawaikapu has distinguished himself through his work all over the world, inspiring many people to understand and appreciate the Hawaiian culture, and has instilled Hawaiian values and thinking among people on the continental U.S. and in other countries. Charlie Toguchi was honored not just for his exceptional work with the public school system, but also because – as a State Senator and chair of the Education Committee – it was he who pushed through legislation to allow Hawaiian language to be taught in the public schools. This led the way to the `Aha Punana Leo programs statewide. Mike was honored for his prior work as a Senator who pushed for the protection of Kane`ohe Bay; and also for his current work with the HTA to preserve Hawaiian culture in the tourism industry. Also honored this year were members Shirley Kaluhiwa and Cheryl Prince, who received Helen C. Kane Awards, for their dedication and outstanding support of the civic club over the past year.

Preserving Cultural Practices and Promoting Cultural Awareness
The Ko`olaupoko Hawaiian Civic Club has long advocated for preserving traditional and customary practices of Native Hawaiians, and supported legislation to create the Aha Moku Advisory Committee. Members continue to work with public and private agencies to ensure traditional access to lands that hold needed cultural resources. The club also works to remove alien vegetation and plan native species wherever possible. This past year, its members were a part of the Ko`olau Moku cultural practitioners meeting to identify issues and concerns regarding traditional and customary practices in the Ko`olaupoko moku.

To promote cultural awareness, the club has instituted the “Legends of Ko`olau” educational program, which includes `aina-based and kai-based sharing of mo`olelo and `ike about marine resources in the Kane`ohe bay region. Members of the club hosted numerous tours this past year, one of which involved a huaka`i for members of the Professional Convention Management Association, who were invited to visit Naoneala`a, Moli`i fishpond, Waihe`e valley, the lo`i kalo at He`eia, and Kalae`ula`ula heiau/He`eia state park. The club is also working on a project to preserve the mo`olelo and stories of kupuna from Waihe`e valley, as a project for the “Tutu and Me” program. Members provide lectures to community groups and consultation to public and private entities wishing to develop lands within the Kane`ohe bay region, including the federal government.

The Ko`olaupoko HCC has continued its involvement with the ahupua`a boundary marker program, with the O`ahu Council’s ahupua`a project team to coordinate the dedication of a new ahu pohaku marker at the boundary between the ahupua`a of Kane`ohe and Kailua on July 27, 2013. The event was attended by two OHA trustees, funders from the Castle Foundation, representatives of civic clubs and neighborhood boards from the area, and other community representatives. Regrettably, the ahu was vandalized on Aug. 24, 2013; and plans are in progress to rebuild it. A special fund, “The Ahu Pohaku Fund” has been established in Hawai`i Maoli to receive donations to defray the cost of rebuilding the ahu.

Civic Engagement
The club was honored by the Governor this year, not just because he was keynote speaker at our annual dinner, but also because he appointed two of our members to state boards and commissions. Leialoha “Rocky” Kaluhiwa was appointed by Governor Abercrombie to serve as the O`ahu representative on the Aha Moku Advisory Committee; and Mahealani Cypher was appointed to serve as a He`eia representative on the Hawai`i Community Development Authority. Rocky (and member Clifford Loo) also serve on the Kahalu`u Neighborhood Board; and Mahealani also serves on the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, as a member of the Historic Preservation Task Force for the City & County of Honolulu, and a member of the Historic Preservation Committee for HART. Ko`olaupoko HCC also has a planning committee which reviewed the City’s draft general plan and submitted comments and recommendations for changes in the plan.

Ha`iku Valley Cultural Preserve
The club continues its partnership with the Ko`olau Foundation and others to work toward the establishment of a cultural preserve in Ha`iku Valley. During this past year, members participated in numerous meetings with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, congressional delegation representatives, other state and county officials, and stakeholders interested in the future of the valley. Members also volunteered for cultural service work in the valley throughout this past year, working to remove alien vegetation from wahi kapu in the valley during monthly cultural access days.

Civic Clubs, Cultural Mentoring and Education
Ko`olaupoko HCC members attended all O`ahu Council meetings and held their regular monthly meetings and weekly choral singing throughout the past year. They also participated in civic club-coordinated events such as the Prince Kuhio Festival and parade and Onipa`a celebration at `Iolani Palace. The club partnered with Alu Like once again in 2013 to provide the Cultural Mentoring Program, a summer work project for at-risk youth, with club members providing the mentoring and training for teenagers from the Kane`ohe bay area. The club’s Education & Scholarship Committee conducted fundraising throughout the year, including a silent auction at the annual dinner and a garage sale during the summer. In addition, the club partnered with the Pili `Ohana project to coordinate a fun run as a health initiative in August.