Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Lualualei Hawaiian Civic Club

PO Box 566, Wai‘anae, Hawai‘i 96792


Date Organized: July 12, 2008
Date Chartered by AHCC: October 22, 2008;
Pua: Kukui Nut Lei
Waiho‘olu‘u: ‘Oma‘oma‘o (Green)
Mele: 'Aina Wehi 'o Ma'ili
Makia: “E hana like me ke aloha” (Let us all work together with love).

Pelekikena: Kawika Naho'opi'i
Hope Pelekikena: Ka'imi Dung
Kakau ‘olelo: Ruby Maunakea
Pu‘uku: Lorelei Lyau-Goodwin;

Na Alaka‘i: Richard Landford, Diana Dung, Shirley Naho'opi'i,
David Oclinaria, Kalua Dung.

Lualualei Hawaiian Civic Club 2013

The Officers, Board of Directors, and members of the Lualualei Hawaiian Civic Club (LHCC) have been active not only within the ahupua‘a of Lualualei, but throughout the entire Wai‘anae coast. LHCC members continue to keep actively involved in civic and community issues along the Wai’anae coast and continue to form partnerships with other groups in the area of education, environment, health, land, culture, and all levels of government, while still engaging in other Civic Club endeavors. Through combining LHCC membership with our church, professional, and various other community organization and group affiliations, we strive to make the entire Wai’anae coast community a better place to live, work and raise a vibrant ‘ohana.

According to the traditional land map of Oahu, Lualualei is the largest ahupua‘a in the Wai‘anae Moku. As such, we feel a sense of responsibility to do outreach and recruit for membership of more Native Hawaiians living in our ahupua‘a.

It is our sincere hope that our club’s mission of service and outreach will inspire more Hawaiians to join and participate in club related activities as we strive to strengthen our sense of pride and hope for our Hawaiian community and beyond. E ola mau ka po‘e 'o Lualualei a ‘o Hawai‘i nei!