Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club

PO Box 66, Aiea HI 96782

Date Organized: December 3, 1963
Date Chartered by AHCC: April 16, 1964
Club Colors: Ula`ula a me Ke`oke`o (red and white)
Club Pua: Pua Aloalo - The Red Hibiscus
Club Mele: Uluwehi O Ka`ala
Club Motto: E Paepae I Luna Loa I Ka Malamalama
Club Motto English: Hold High The Light of Knowledge

Club Officers:
Pelekikena: Charles Kanaha Kapua
Hope Pelekikena `Ekahi: Dreanalee Kalili
Hope Pelekikena `Elua: Moana Sanders
Pu`uku: Alberta Low

Po`e Kokua Staff:
Kakau Mo`olelo (Recording Secretary): Daniel Kalili
Kakau `Olelo (Corresponding Secretary): Antoinette “Toni” Lee
Ho`opa`a Mo`olelo (Historian): Leimomi Morgan
Kahu: Tina Andrade
Mele Alaka`i: Nola Nahulu
Sgt-at-Arms: Ron Nichols

Na Alaka`i Directors:
Chrissy Anjo, Alice Franco, Kau`i Kaleo
Lorna Pacheco, Andre Peters, Anthony Simpliciano

Club Contact:
Phone: (808) 479-3263
E-mail Address: leea030 at

Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club 2013

The Pearl Harbor Hawaiian Civic Club is a club that rises to the occasion every year to be exactly what Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana`ole envisioned when he started the Hawaiian Civic Club movement. According to the records of the first Hawaiian Civic Club Prince Kuhio wanted his Hawaiian people to be educated. He wanted them to elevate themselves. He wanted to instill in and promote the economic, intellectual, social status, well-being of the Hawaiians in his community and he wanted sincerely to see Hawai`I’s culture to be forever preserved, not only for the Hawaiians but for all of Hawai`i. How do we do this? Our President and permanent member attends all Oahu Council quarterly meetings. Our Club representatives participated in the Oahu Council con-con. Our members serve on the Oahu Council and Association Boards. Club members attend every Ali`i Sunday. We participated in Prince Kuhio Parade and the Ho`ike`ìke and participated in the Ahupua`a Boundary Marker Project. Our Club took part in the Ho`olako Grant process and completed two grants offering our members Lauhala Weaving, Coconut Frond Weaving, and Feather crafts. We cleaned Mauna Ala, decorated Queen Lili`uokalani’s Statue with 70+ strands of purple crown flower for the Queen’s Birthday, completed the Pili Ohana Program for healthy lifestyles and provided olunteer support for the Hawaì`i Maoli Annual Dinner with 9 of our members who attended the dinner. We continue to be actively involved and participates in the Community at-large throughout the year. We manned the water station at the Great AlohaRun 2013, Volunteered to support Hawai`i Youth Opera Chorus concerts and events, participated in the King Kamehameha Celebration Hula Competition and Aloha Festivals Events, Cleaned Loko Ea Fish Pond, plan and staff Aloha Festivals Royal Court and the Aloha Festivals Floral Parade. We continue to do cultural craft demonstrations at many of the largest International Conventions that come to Hawai`i. We continue to support and further the causes of our Hawaiian Civic Clubs and the community at large throughout the year by providing testimony to the Hawai`i State Legislature and the City Council, we monitor and discuss critical issues in our meetings, we invite guest speakers/subject-matter experts to educate members on issues and provided scholarships to Native Hawaiian Students and contributed to the Dorothy Gillett and Dr. George Mills Scholarship Funds administered by Kamehameha Schools. Our Club meets every month and holds an election every year and has an average attendance of 35 to 40 members. Our members embrace Kuleana at council and association levels. Our members exemplify Laulima by volunteering to Kokua partner organizations at events throughout the year. Our Club promotes imi Ike by providing scholarships to students and helping them to find other scholarships. Our Club demonstrates Aloha by supporting each other, and supporting the Hawaiian Civic Club Movement and the Community at large. We are a club that strives to fulfill all that the Hawaiian Civic Club Movement stands for as envisioned by Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana`ole. E paepae I Luna Loa I Ka Malamalama....Hold High the Light of Knowledge.