Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Founded 1959 - Honolulu, HI

Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahi`awa

95-524 Wehewehe Loop Mililani, Hawai‘i 96789

Date Organized: November 10, 1960
Date Chartered: April 16, 1966
Club Pua: Na‘u (Hawaiian Gardenia)
Club Colors: Green and White
Mele: Pa‘ahana
Makia: “e kuka‘awe i na kapu o Kukaniloko no ka mea aloha
no ho‘i kakou ia lakou i na kau a kau...”
Makia Haole: “to guard the kapu of Kukaniloko because we
love them for all time…”
Makia ‘Olelo Hawai‘i: E ho‘o hana like a‘e ana
Makia ‘Olelo Pelekania: Working together

Pelekikena: Marie "Malia" Doo
Hope Pelekikena ‘Ekahi: Thomas Joseph Lenchanko
Pu‘uku: Jo-Lin Lenchanko Kalimapau
Kakau Mo‘olelo: Krystal-Lee Tabangcura
Ho‘opa‘a Mo‘olelo: Jo-Lin Lenchanko Kalimapau
Kahu: Peter W. K. Lonoae‘a
Mele Alaka‘i: Peter W. K. Lonoae‘a

Na Alaka’i:
A. Noelani Devincent & Robert Oliveria

Club Contact:
Phone: (808)625-7551
Email: kalimapau at

Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahi`awa 2013

Focus, integrity, and commitment set the foundation for the Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawa on November 10, 1960. In 53 years the Club has experienced over 400 members who brought with them more than 150 guests who showed interest in our mission - to inspire, educate, and encourage all things Hawaiian, seen and unseen; and together

“e kuka‘awe i na kapu o Kukaniloko no ka mea aloha no ho‘i  kakou ia lakou na kau a kau...” “to guard the kapu of  Kukaniloko because we love them for all time...”

To protect, preserve and perpetuate our ‘aina, iwikupuna, kupuna ma, and na ‘opio are foremost on our agenda. Second, third and fourth generation descendants of the original founding members continue to support their forefathers as HCCW members today. We honor Kupuna Roselia Poepoe as our last living Founding and Charter Member of 53 years in 2013. E ola no.

The Friends of Kukaniloko and Na Wahine O Kunia are rooted in the Hawaiian Civic Club of Wahiawa. Established to guard the traditional comprehension of the 36,000 acres of Kukaniloko, members work diligently, individually and collectively, as Kukaniloko is revealed. Her face is known and can be seen. Her story is told again and again. The intensity of those who care for her is instilled in those who come to listen so they can see; and they come from around the world. They come to see her majesty and embrace her noble history of which we are proud descendants; families of the lands of Kukaniloko...eo

Kukaniloko “to anchor the cry from within”...When the life force of an Ali‘i was to enter into this earthly realm, this our paradise, all work ceased. This, a most solemn of occasions, released from the people the energy factor or mana that transcends from the ‘aina. Prayer emanated throughout the land. What was welling up in the hearts and minds of the people of Hawai‘i nei was that the gods, yes, the gods would send a child; a child of character, strength, and vision; possessing the mental acumen and moral rectitude imbued from on high to lead our people to a life filled with peace and prosperity. Eo