Strategic Plan- DRAFT

Here’s our draft strategic plan for your review.  Please share this with your club members, and especially your club’s delegates who will be attending convention as the plan will be considered during the Policy and Planning Committee meeting on November 14. This strategic plan will be considered like a resolution and can be amended before the committee makes a recommendation to floor on whether to adopt.

During August 9-11, the AHCC board of directors and committee chairs met to discuss goals and aspirations that will shape the next five years.  The discussions and feedback are distilled into the high-level strategies and objectives intended to set a direction and targets on which we can focus our collective efforts. 

Some objectives are relevant to certain committees or specific work at the Association level, but everyone in the Hawaiian Civic Club movement should see themselves and their interests and contributions in at least one objective in the plan.

In general, when/if we adopt these high-level strategies and objectives, our executive committee, standing committees, councils, and clubs will need to identify and set specific goals that align with the strategies.  Our board did not flesh out all the specific actions during our discussions in August, so we will need to continue work on these.  

The Executive Committee