2020 Nominations for Election of Officers


The AHCC Nominations and Elections Committee has prepared the form below for the nomination of candidates for its Executive Officers for the upcoming term: January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2022​. The deadline to submit the completed form is October 14, 2020​. Submit your nominations to charmainwong67@gmail.com.

The attached ​form is to be used to nominate potential candidates willing to serve for a term of two (2) years for the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs Executive Officer positions that include Pelekikena (President), Hope Pelekikena Mua (1​st​ Vice President), Hope Pelekikena ‘Elua (2​nd​ Vice President), and the Pu’uku (Treasurer). All offices are open to nominations ( See AHCC By-Laws Article V, Sections 1-4, Duties of Officers and Board Staff Officers). Since there have been inquiries, I take the opportunity to clarify that the incumbent Executive Officers except the Pu’uku are eligible to be nominated for another term of office.

Please note that your nomination must include the ​consent of the nominee​, and said nominee must be an ​HCC member in good standing​ (current dues paying member).
Nominees for ​AHCC Pelekikena must be of Hawaiian ancestry​. (See AHCC Constitution Article VI, Sect. 6). Please also include a ​Resume or Bio of each nominee​, which will be made available to AHCC Convention delegates to assist them with making their decision on the election of AHCC Executive Officers.