ʻAha Mele

Deadline: September 15, 2019

Sub-Committee Chair:
Anita Naone
Hawaiian Civic Club of Honolulu
AHCC Aha Mele Chairperson

As of: 8/9/2019-
• . Download Mele– Kuʻu Home o Keaukaha
• . The Mainland Council and Oʻahu Council’s Kona Moku has responded with their information.
• . John Aeto has graciously accepted to serve again as the MC for the Aha Mele.

• . All HCC Councils (Kauaʻi, Maui, Hawaiʻi and Oʻahu Council (Moku participants) are reminded to please ensure your clubs are notified about the Songfest. Participation provides great fellowship and shares our Hawaiian music with everyone at the convention.

Update – 8/21/2019

To date, the following clubs are participating: 
Mainland Council (ʻAinahau O Kaleponi, Hui Hawaiʻi O Tenesi, Hui Hawaiʻi O Utah,Kaha I Ka Panoa Kaleponi, Kauwahi ʻAnaina Hawaiʻi, Ke Aliʻi Bernice Pauahi Paki,Ke Aliʻi David Laʻamea Kalākaua, Ke Aliʻi Makaʻāinana, Las Vegas, Lau Kanaka No Hawaiʻi Mokuʻāina A Wakinekona, Nā Keiki O Hawaiʻi, Piʻilani O Colorado HCCs’  
Kona Moku (Queen Emma, Kalihi-Palama, Waikiki, Honolulu, Maunalua and Papakolea HCCs’)
Koolauloa Moku (Koolauloa, Prince Kuhio, King Kamehameha, and Nalanieha HCCs’)


During the 2019 AHCC Convention in Kaanapali, Maui the annual ʻAha Mele Songfest “Nā Mele O Maui” will be held on Friday evening November 15, 2019.

Here are the ʻAha Mele purpose, background, and guidelines–

Purpose: The purpose of the ‘Aha Mele program is to preserve, perpetuate, and practice our Hawaiian cultural values and traditions through mele.

Background: Much of our culture and history has been passed down through oral storytelling, poetry, and music. Over the years, the ‘Aha Mele at our conventions has provided our members with the opportunity to learn and practice our culture through songs. The various civic clubs have participated in kanikapila, acapella choir performances and competitive singing. For this year’s convention, we continue to encourage ALL CIVIC CLUBS throughout the association to participate in the ʻAha Mele Songfest and share a Hawaiian mele.

Guidelines:  Assemble a choir of 20 or more singers comprised of three or more club members from each of the clubs within your council or geographic area.

Since the O‘ahu Council has six moku and the Mainland Council clubs are located on the East Coast, the West Coast and in the Midwest, it is recommended to the extent possible, groups of clubs from within a Moku or Council form separate choirs of at least 20 or more members. This would provide more participation by members and fellowship opportunities within the larger councils. Please note, this does not preclude one choir representing the whole Mainland Council in Aha Mele.

Coordination among clubs to perform will require: Selecting a choir director; soliciting clubs for at least three people to sing in the choir; ensure at least 20 members are in the choir; select a song to perform, explain why the song was selected and what the story of the song is.  If necessary, engaging musician’s kōkua; and utilize technology to arrange online rehearsals to learn the music/voice parts is encouraged.  Please note, we will not have a piano for this event.

The Songfest is on Friday evening November 15, 2019 at the convention, the time and location TBD separately.  There will also be a time limit of 8-10 mins per performance. In closing the event we will all participate and sing “Kuʻu Home O Keaukaha”.  The Song sheet with Lyrics are attached.  Time and location will be provided for the choirs to rehearse prior to convention.

Please send the following information to the ʻAha Mele Chairperson by email, “NLT September 15, 2019”.  Name of Choir Coordinator; complete contact information; clubs participating in the choir; song selected and choir name that can be used to introduce the group at convention.  Looking forward to all of your participation this year.

A meeting will be held with all choir directors on Thursday afternoon 5:00pm to discuss any concerns or questions prior to the performance on Friday. Location TBD.  If needed, a meeting of Directors will be held after the event.  Mahalo Nui.