Convention App

Contact- Cynthia Heinjus, Chair of Kōmike ʻEnehana

If you are registered for the 2019 AOHCC Convention and would like to download the NEW Convention APP please click here or complete the form below and a personalized invitation email will be sent to you

The Kōmike ʻEnehana is very excited to pilot an event app at the 2019 AOHCC Convention in Maui as a part of our efforts to reduce our use of paper and to share updated information with our members on a regular basis. We have chosen Whova as the platform for our app. We have asked our members to crowd fund the fee for the app and we want to send a sincere MAHALO NUI to each of our sponsors that have made a donation.

UPDATE- September 13, 2019

Mahalo nui to our sponsors:
Pelekikena Discretionary Fund  $500.00
Kehau Shintani $50.00
Malia & Victor Nobrega-Olivera $50.00
Kehau Butts $30.00
Holoaumoku Ralar $30.00
Toni Lee $30.00
Benton Pang $50.00
Lorna Akima $50.00
Kaimana Bacarse $50.00
Julian Ako $100.00
Mapuana de Silva $30.00
Cynthia Heijus $130.00
Ku’umealoha Gomes $30
Kilohana Hirano $50
Lahela Jarrett-Holmwood $200.00
Moku o Manokalanipō- Kauaʻi Council- $80.00
Kea Kalā- $39.00

Total raised $1,499.00
Balance $0.00