UPDATE- August 29, 2019

Convention Chair- Lorna Akima
Sub-Committee Chair- Evalani Hirano, AHCC Credentials & Registration Chair
(email: )

FROM: Evalani Hirano, AHCC Credentials & Registration Chair

SUBJECT: Registration Fee Information for 60th Annual Convention

November 10 – November 17, 2019, Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa, Lahaina Maui
Registration Fee – $50.00 for each person attending convention due and payable to AHCC

30 days prior to the start of convention, Postmarked on or before October 15, 2019.

Registration Fee paid after the deadline will incur a $25.00 late fee per attendee.

Print club delegates, alternates, members & guests.

Identify wheel chair and/or scooter attendees with an “X” in column marked “W/S”.

Delegate/Alternate Eligibility- Each club is entitled to one delegate and one alternate for each ten (10) members, or major fraction thereof (5 or more), in good standing as shown by Per Capita dues paid to AHCC.

Delegate At Large Eligibility- Members of the AHCC Board Of Directors and AHCC Past Presidents in good standing as shown by Per Capita dues paid to AHCC, are entitled to sit and represent their respective club as a Delegate At Large on the convention floor.

Opt Out/ No Paper- If any of your members want to opt out of receiving paper reports please mark the last column of the registration form. A link to the “cloud” will be provided to them. Please be prepared to use your own data plans for wifi access.

Convention Packets- Convention packets may be picked up by an individual, club president, or designated representative at the convention registration desk.

Questions: (808) 987-8676 /

Mail form and payment to:
Evalani Hirano, Registration & Credentials Chair
1638 Oneawa Place
Hilo, HI 96720